No Animal Abuse or Unethical Activity 

We love our domestic pets and our Team is always saving and helping pets. It is our passions and no one is paid. Volunteering for a special cause that is dear to someone’s heart is one of the best feelings in the world. And its extra special if the person who is volunteering knows exactly what it is like to be homeless, depressed and has no will to live.


There is a Rescue in Florida that has been euthanizing domestic animals because they need training for behavioral issues. Many pets coming out of animal shelters are there for months or years and it truly takes a toll on their mental and physical body.

Recently, we found that Crazy Rescue Ladies, Inc. in Cooper City, Florida euthanized a dog we transferred to them. The dog’s name was Joey who had behavioral issues and needed training. Aimee Lonczak, Founder lied to the public that Joey had a brain tumor. We did not realize it until we read another dog months later, named Bruno was euthanized from the same rescue for behavioral issues.

When we asked Aimee Lonczak to see the doctor’s diagnosis of a brain tumor or bill for Joey she blamed us because we could not keep Joey. Aimee Lonczak told us there is no diagnosis or bills from her Veterinarian. And if there was any proof she surely would have provided it to our Rescue.

Aimee Lonczak is the Founder of Crazy Rescue Ladies Inc. in Cooper City, Florida. Proper protol is being followed. Please see the images below.

Crazy Rescue Ladies

Cooper City, Florida


Bruno 1.jpg
Bruno 2.jpg

This is Joey who was euthanized