Why help us? 

Established in Feb. 2012 - we are a not-profit corporation 501(c)(3)  to assist domestic homeless shelter animals and to end euthanizing animals. Our charity has no over head and all of our staff and board members are volunteers, earning no salary.

With bigger charities it is a fact that only a small amount of money goes to the actual cause because they have many more expenses. Such as: salaries, building rent, and medical insurance for their employees. Also, some of the bigger charities offer

pensions to their employees.  All monies raised with our charity go directly to the animals to transport them out of high-kill shelters and be transferred to safety which includes rescue organizations and foster parents.  Also, to feed them because

some people can take them into their residence but can not afford much more.  And by far, medical care is the biggest expense.


Serious dedication

Born out of a passionate care for all animals, we developed this organization to serve a wide variety of issues. Wherever we can contribute time, energy, or resources, we do exactly that. 


Broad Scope

Our organization is free to allocate resources where they are needed, and in this way serving the best interests of the most needy pets and families. We have done everything from held food drives, sought pet friendly housing,  petitioned local legislation, and contributed resources to aide medical expenses.