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This website is to inform and educate the public about animal welfare in the USA. Most people are not aware of the truth concerning animal welfare in the USA. If they knew, they would not go to any Breeders or Pet stores who charge an absurd amount of money for a pet. It is estimated that more than 3 million animals are euthanized (killed) every year in Shelters which happens in every State and every Shelter. There is no such thing as a No-kill Shelter. Shelters have the liberty to euthanize 10% of the homeless animals at any given time and still retain their No-kill status.

Why are animals killed? Because there are not enough Shelters to house them and people are not purchasing animals from Shelters and Rescues. Then there are many pet owners who drop their pet off at a Shelter because they do not fit in their life style anymore. Having a pet is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. You need to truly love animals to qualify to obtain one. People ask us constantly, why is it so difficult to rescue an animal? The homeless animals do not need another irresponsible person as the animal is already devastated and depressed. The worse pain in life is a broken heart; it follows you around everywhere and only time will make it better. But it does not mean it goes away; it shapes their temperment. Domestic animals have emotions just like human beings.

Please follow and like us on Facebook. We offer lots of free information and heart warming fun information. There is a link on this website to direct you to our Facebook page. You can also see how many people just donate $5.00 and a Rescue will come forward to take the homeless animals out of the high kill Shelters. Our Facebook page has started something new where we not only post animal welfare issues but also other interesting facts which will help the public to learn and make their lives easier. Our Board of Directors, are from Little League coaching to Ivy Leaguers. We of course, want to obtain more likes on our page so the public will refer people to us to save more lives. The best part is everything is FREE. There is something about that word that puts a smile on people's We are all volunteers and saving animals everyday.

There is no better feeling than saving a life. In USA, there are between 14,000 to 16,000 Shelters and Animal Rescues. These numbers will vary during any given time. There are sadly ones that close more than open. Some Rescues do not hold a 501(c)(3) status so its difficult to put an exact number on the statistics. There are so many Rescue organizations where they house particular breeds and some that have many different breeds to include puppies and older. Also, there are foster parents that house animals until they become adopted. When someone fosters an animal it is free and depending on their situation, expenses are tax-free.

Anyone who is interested in a domestic animal will be fully vetted by each organization to ensure proper placement. Below are websites to assist you. Please see the link below for, a database to find local animals. If you need any help we take calls every day and night within reasonable hours: 973-271-2500 Eastern time. Here is another website that just started last year and has everything you need: And their phone number is: 818-300-4616 Pacific time. Last year, a new concept came out created by a woman who was from the animal welfare industry. - to re-home your pet its free and to adopt its 49 to 99 dollars with a medical exam included. We are elated about this, as it keeps animals out of Shelters. Please also try: We are praying the brick and mortar Shelters will eventually be a thing of the past.






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Animals are expensive. Though many people would love to adopt, and rescue, people are hesitant to make such a financial commitment. Adoption fees, medical expenses,  food, and the time it takes to dedicate to an animal can stop many people from adopting great cats and dogs!

That is where we come in. We do whatever we can to get domestic homeless animals into loving homes. We have fundraisers,  transport dogs, buy food, and help pay for medical expenses. When someone donates to us, we find the most effective way to utilize it. 


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