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This website is to inform and educate the public about animal welfare in the USA. Most people are not aware of the truth concerning animal welfare in the USA. If they knew, they would not go to any Breeders or Pet stores who charge an absurd amount of money for a pet. It is estimated that 2 to 3 million animals are euthanized (killed) every year in Animal Shelters which happens in every State. These numbers vary because there is no mandatory national database to report statistics. Then there are many Vets that will euthanize animals for behavioral issues, which most of the public find unethical especially now with the professional training and medication available. It is not against the law to euthanize a pet which is even more disturbing. To top it off there is no such thing as a No-kill Animal Shelter. No-kill Animal Shelters have the liberty to euthanize 10% of the homeless animals at any given time and still retain their No-kill status.

WHY ARE THEY KILLED? There is not enough room to house these animals. And yet if you turn down every street there is an empty building. Estimates show there are close to 14,000 places that provide housing for cats and dogs.

WHY ARE THEY HOMELESS ? The number one reason is most people are truly not domestic animals lovers. The Statistics show the number very easily. Yearly, 10 MILLION pets are lost and most do not have a micro-chip or any identification. When someone eventually finds the pet they will usually call animal control and the pet will be forwarded to the nearest shelter. There are so many reasons: people accidentally die, die, the pet is jealous of new born baby, people lose their home, divorce, people ran out of money, go to nursing homes, and then there are people who purchased a pet and decided that pets are not for them. And every week we hear the same thing “my pet will never be homeless or go to a shelter.” And our response ….”then why is there close to 14,000 places to house animals and cats and dogs are being killed everyday?”

There is no giant plan to expand or build more animal shelters so it will remain the same. The big charities do great work and their focus is saving animals as well. They have several tasks and mostly we hear how they house animals for adoption, produce all the yearly statistics for animal welfare, and handlle large major issues like: floods, hurricanes, etc. These large charities have major expenses with paid employees, benefits, rent, and some retire with full pensions. Again, there is no master plan to house more pets.

Then we have puppy mills and Breeders that keep producing more animals so the killing will continue. And the general public is confused where to purchase a pet so they usually just pick one out and go home. Many people do not do the research to obtain a pet. People in animal welfare try and convince people to “adopt dont shop.” Most do not listen or understand the death cycle. If they rescued and adopted a cat or dog from an Animal Shelter or Breed Rescue the killing would start to end.

Within Animal Shelters and Breed Rescues, there are kittens, puppies, and older available. About 35% are full breed and all are up to date on their shots. They are not free and there is a process to obtain a pet. Some people think they should be free which does not make any sense. There are expenses to operate any business. And there is a screening process which takes time but these places are protecting the pet and can get sued.

THE HOUND IN THE POUND - people do not realize that the kitten or puppy they just purchased at a Pet shop or Breeder will probably be their HOUND IN THE POUND at a future date. Where do people think the animals in shelters come from?

We try our best to educate the public and that is our mission. If people knew exactly what was happening they would try and adopt. There is no better feeling in the world than saving an innocent soul.

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Our Board of Directors are all animal lovers and are from Little League coaching to Ivy Leaguers but more importantly our pets have truly made our lives much better.

There are sooo many people who think humans are far more important than any living being to the point where they will step on an ant it has no purpose in this life. It's not until all the humans let you down that you will seek something that you thought had no meaning.







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